SQ Corporation was setup in 1999 with a modest start of sugar-trading as well as arranging Credit Lines for the Sugar Mills. In 2007, SQ Corporation entered in the business of manufacturing Mild Steel BARS but this MILL was on a rental premises. This Mill (setup on a Rental premises) made profit in the first Year due to purchasing the imported steel scrap from Traders which was costing cheaper. Then, the year 2008 saw a big loss due to resumption of ship breaking providing steel scrap at a cheaper price than the Steel Trader and this resulted in to a big loss leading to closure of the Mill acquired on rental BUT this opened up the door of Ship Breaking Business for SQ Corporation in 2009. At that time, SQ Corporation became the supplier of the Steel Scrap to the Steel Mills after leaving the steel manufacturing business. SQ Corporation (while breaking the ships) got in to downward integration by setting up of the Steel Re-Rolling Mills in 2015 at HITE/LIEDA, Lasbella, Baluchistan by the name of QUALITY STEEL RE-ROLLING MILL& GOLDEN STEEL RE-ROLLING MILL and the Ship Breaking became a cheaper source of procurement of the Steel Scrap for manufacturing MS Bars at the Steel Re-Rolling Mills.

We have established a legacy of high standards in the Ship Breaking industry pan Asia. We have expeditiously emerged as a clear leader in the industry on the quantifiable as well as its scale of expertise and experience on sustainable and strategic growth in the ship breaking industry.

Ship Breaking is a challenging industry with numerous variables and risks involved like complex processes due to structural complicity, environmental impact, safety and other health issues concerns. We have demonstrated its commitment towards its workers and to the environment as dominant, with an excellent record for worker safety and environmental protection, abiding to the stringent yet essential national and international protocols.

We have created a personal identity for its effective and careful management with “no accident history” in this challenging business.